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Mind Games

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1.  A shepard says to another, "If I give you one sheep, you will have twice the number of sheep that I have, but if you give me one, we will both have the same number of sheep."  How many sheep does each shepard have?

2.  Last Thursday, my aunt Martha left her driver's license at home.  She was traveling down a one-way street in the wrong direction and did not stop at an intersection to let pedestrians go.  A policeman was watching her, but did not give her a ticket. Why?"

3.  If 89 players enter a single elimination tennis tournament, how many matches would it take to decide the winner, excluding byes?"

4.  What word, expression or name is depicted by this?        Lu   cky    

5.  In the following line, cross out six letters so that the remaining letters, without altering their sequence, will spell a familiar English word:
         B S A I N X L E A T N T E A R S

6.  Continue the sequence: 202 122 232 425 262 728 ? ?